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We understand you are battling to get patient volumes back to pre-COVID levels. For many patients, the fear of contracting Coronavirus outweighs their perceived need for in-office care. QSimple can help alleviate patient concerns and bring back visits safely with a virtual queuing system.  Make sure your patients aren't missing out on vital care, and keep social distancing guidelines at the forefront to keep your staff and patients healthy. 

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Maintain Safety Standards

There’s A Simple Solution

QSimple integrates with EHRs to receive information regarding upcoming appointments, referrals or recall, and unscheduled appointments.

EHR Appointment

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 Ease Your Patients' Fear To Increase Clinic Volumes

Patients can be notified multiple times using practice-branded emails, texts, or phone calls to remind them of upcoming appointments or to schedule their appointment.

Practice-Branded Messaging

Friendly reminders with important information such as procedure prep guidelines, COVID-19 instructions, patient portal links and location information can be sent.

Appointment Reminders

When a patient room is ready, QSimple will notify the patient to come to the vestibule for a temperature check. After an all-clear, they can proceed safely to their designated room.

Patient Room Ready Notifications

Allow patients to wait safely in their car during check-in for their appointment and let them know when they’re up next with our queue tracker.

Queue Tracker

QSimple’s number one goal is to keep your patients and staff safe using social distancing and more to enhance the appointment process. Provide the best solution to your patients with QSimple.

Improved Appointment Experience

QSimple is a queue management solution that assigns patients a spot in a virtual waiting room as soon as they call/text your practices phone number or scan a QR code. Text notifications alert the patient how long the wait is, when to leave from their location and more. The QSimple process is as simple as messaging patients when they can come in, taking their temperature and allowing them to wait in their car until you are ready to guide them to the appropriate clinic room.

Patient Waiting Rooms Reimagined

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